Do I Have To Use Protection After My Vasectomy?

Do I Have To Use Protection After My Vasectomy?

After abstinence, a vasectomy is the most effective form of birth control. A vasectomy takes the burden of birth control off the woman in the relationship. Plus a vasectomy has no effect on a man’s libido or sexual performance.

Though a vasectomy is effective, it doesn’t provide immediate sterility. At Buschemeyer Urology, board-certified W. Cooper Buschemeyer, III, MD, recommends you still use protection for the first few times you have sexual intercourse following your procedure. 

Here’s the details on what a vasectomy entails and what to expect in the first few days and weeks following.

What happens during a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is an out-patient, minimally invasive surgical procedure during which Dr. Buschemeyer disconnects the vas deferens tubes to prevent sperm from entering a man’s semen.

Vasectomies are usually performed under local anesthesia and carry a very low risk of complications.

Sex immediately after a vasectomy

Although the vasectomy is relatively straightforward, you do need a little time to heal. Expect to return to work in just 2-3 days and resume physical activity in 3-7 days. 

The incisions used to access the vas deferens will be sore and slightly swollen for a few days post-vasectomy. You should wait until any pain or swelling around the area of surgery resolves. 

Having sex right away could reopen the incisions and lead to a bacterial infection. Condoms don’t effectively protect the incisions, so it’s best to hold off on intercourse for a week or two. 

Sex in the weeks after a vasectomy

You may have some mild pain and soreness around your scrotum when you return to sexual activity. These symptoms can last a few weeks, but if the pain gets worse, you develop serious swelling, or have other concerning symptoms, call our office right away. 

In these first weeks, you aren’t necessarily sterile, either. You may have some sperm still present in your semen for several months after a vasectomy. It requires about 20 ejaculations before your sperm is completely free of sperm. 

Your vasectomy has no impact on your sex drive, ability to get an erection, or the feel of your ejaculations. Vasectomies don’t affect hormones or semen texture and volume. You won’t notice a change in your performance, either. 

Guaranteeing your vasectomy worked

Dr. Buschemeyer doesn’t make you guess as to whether or not your vasectomy has effectively blocked sperm from reaching your semen. In 6-12 weeks after your vasectomy, he’ll measure the amount of sperm left in your semen. He’ll let you know when you can safely have sexual intercourse without fear of pregnancy. 

Until then, condoms, female birth control pills, or other forms of birth control can help you prevent pregnancy.

Once it’s worked, a vasectomy is permanent

Before getting a vasectomy, you should be sure your family is complete. Although reversal procedures are available, they’re 30%-90% effective in restoring a man’s fertility. If there’s any chance you’d want to father children in the future, aim for another form of birth control for now. 

Remember that vasectomies do not offer protection against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. If you have sexual relations with multiple partners, or your partner does, it’s smart to still use a condom.

If you’re considering a vasectomy, contact Buschemeyer Urology, to set up a consultation. Call one of the Texas offices of Buschemeyer Urology today or use this website to arrange your appointment.

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