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Words from our patients

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    "Very nice and thorough doctor. He always made us feel at ease and answered all our questions and concerns."

    Alondra S.
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    "Dr. Buschemeyer gives his patient as much time as needed in discussing the issues. He listens very well to the patient as a good relationship is built."

    Amargosa R.
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    "I have had nothing but the best care from Dr. BUSHEMEYER AND HIS TEAM!."

    P. H.
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    "I had great experience with Dr. BUSCHEMEYER. He is an excellent Doctor."

    Carl M.
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    "He has a fantastic bedside manner, is very thorough, and explains things in an easy to understand manner... best of all."

    James D.
  • Healthgrades

    "Personable professional. Highly recommend."

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    "I very highly recommend Dr Buscheremeyer. He is a fantastic doctor"

    Jerry P.
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    "Dr Buschemeyer is very attentive explains things in everyday language that all can understand. He also has great bed side manners."

    R. B.
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    "Very professional and went into details about my procedure."

    Hamid A.
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    "He is amazing a wonder Doctor and he has a awesome staff. I highly recommend him!"

    Bruce A.
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    "I Strongly Recommend Dr.buschemeyer At Spring Medical. He Listens To The Patient And Does Not Jump At A Process. He Is The Best Urologist I Have Visited. Thank You Doc."

    Joseph M.
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    "The doctor was extremely professional, knowledgeable and he knew what the next step should be. I felt completely at ease and comfortable with him."

    John P.