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What Proactive My Incontinence Is Embarrassing: Can You Help?

Urinary incontinence isn’t just a minor inconvenience. Fear of an embarrassing leak can keep you from participating in social activities and put a serious damper on your quality of life. Learn how we can help you manage incontinence symptoms.
Aug 7th, 2023

How Soon Can I Have Sex After My Vasectomy?

If you’ve undergone a vasectomy, the good news is that you don’t have to wait long before having sex again. Here’s the official recommendation and other factors to consider when resuming sexual intercourse post-vasectomy.
Jun 9th, 2023

5 Treatments for Kidney Tumors

Kidney tumor treatment depends on many factors, including age, type of tumor, cell type, treatment side effects, and overall health. Here are five treatments your urologist may recommend if you have a kidney tumor.
Apr 12th, 2023

Can I Prevent Kidney Stones from Forming?

Avoid the pain and stress of passing a kidney stone by preventing them from forming in the first place. Here are some tips to help you avoid developing kidney stones and keep your urinary system healthy.
Feb 6th, 2023

4 Types of Incontinence and How They’re Treated

It’s inconvenient and embarrassing to dribble urine, rush to the bathroom with a sudden urge to pee, or lose bladder control entirely. Treatment for urinary incontinence is possible, but the steps depend on the type you have.
Dec 2nd, 2022

I Regret My Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a highly effective way to prevent pregnancy. Usually, men who are certain they are through having a family undergo the surgical process. However, circumstances can change, and you may regret your vasectomy. You have options.
Nov 1st, 2022

When Should I See a Doctor About Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones can cause excruciating pain that sends you to the emergency room. But, they also cause less severe symptoms that still require medical care. Here’s when you should consult your doctor about kidney stones.
Oct 1st, 2022

I’m Embarrassed About My Incontinence: Can You Help?

Urinary incontinence can lead to a little leak or all-out loss of bladder control, resulting in serious accidents and major embarrassment. If you’re struggling with urinary incontinence, here’s what can help.
Sep 1st, 2022

Can I Still Get My Partner Pregnant After a Vasectomy

Vasectomies are one of the most effective forms of birth control. You can still get your partner pregnant in the immediate weeks following, however. Here’s why you need to be careful until cleared by a professional.
Aug 1st, 2022

Does Blood in My Semen Mean I Have Prostate Cancer?

Seeing blood in any bodily fluid, particularly your semen, is alarming. It’s rarely the sign of a serious condition, however. There are other causes of blood in your semen other than cancer, but it’s smart to get checked out, just in case.
Jul 1st, 2022

8 Telltale Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Tiny kidney stones may pass with no symptoms, but larger ones can cause serious pain. Here are telltale signs that your body is trying to pass a kidney stone and what you can do about it.
Jun 1st, 2022

I'm Having Trouble Urinating

You have the urge to urinate, but you just can’t go. This situation is frustrating and quite uncomfortable. Here’s why you might be having trouble urinating and what to do about it.
May 1st, 2022

I'm Nervous About My Upcoming Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a completely safe and effective form of birth control, but that doesn’t mean you go in without apprehension. Here’s what to expect during your upcoming vasectomy and how to allay your fears.
Apr 1st, 2022

Am I at Risk for Prostate Cancer?

Age, a family history of prostate cancer, and your race can put you at a greater risk of developing prostate cancer. Here’s when you should be extra diligent about screenings and steps to take toward prevention.
Mar 1st, 2022

What to Expect During Your Ureteroscopy

A ureteroscopy looks for problems in your urinary tract that may be causing pain when you urinate. If you’re scheduled for this diagnostic procedure, here’s what to expect.
Feb 1st, 2022

6 Symptoms of Kidney Tumors

Kidney cancer leads to almost 14,000 deaths a year. Be aware of the signs and symptoms so you can get early intervention and improve your prognosis. Here’s what to watch for.
Jan 11th, 2022

What to Do When There’s Blood in Your Semen

In most cases, visible blood in your semen is not a cause for concern. Rarely, blood in the semen indicates certain types of cancer. Put your mind at ease by setting up an appointment to get your urinary tract and reproductive system checked out.
Dec 13th, 2021

You Don’t Have to Live With a Leaky Bladder

If you’re embarrassed to talk about your leaky bladder, don’t be. More than 25 million adults in the United States experience temporary or chronic urinary incontinence. There are solutions. Read on to learn how we can help.
Nov 8th, 2021

Do I Have To Use Protection After My Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is one of the most effective forms of birth control. You’ll need to use protection for a short time after the procedure, but in the long term, you and your partner won’t have to use other forms of birth control to prevent pregnancy.
Oct 14th, 2021

5 Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are incredibly painful and likely to recur if you don’t take measures to prevent them. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself from developing these painful crystals.
Aug 17th, 2021